Find Flats For Rent In Eltham

Looking to find flat for rent in Eltham?

Properties in this area of South London are still relatively affordable, although, with plans for regeneration, things might not remain that way long.

Eltham is best known for its historic interest and landmark buildings, such as Eltham Palace which was the childhood home of Henry VIII. It attracts quite a lot of families as it’s a relatively green area, with plenty of rural spaces and historic woodlands.

However, it’s also a modern town with plenty of bars, restaurants and chain stores.

With plans agreed by the council for a 900 seat cinema and restaurant complex, it’s likely to become even more modern in the near future. Not only that, there are plans to make this area more attractive, with new lighting, trees and street furniture in the works.

This is a brilliant place for those looking for a mixture of culture, diversity and community spirit. It’s also a great place for those first-time renters in London, along with first-time buyers.

If you’re searching for flats in Eltham, simply visit Daniels Property Services, for lettings in and around this area of South London, including Eltham, Downham, Lee, Mottingham, Bellingham, Bromley and Catford.

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