Houses For Rent Eltham

The UK housing market is showing signs of heating up, mostly due to strong demand and a lack of supply. House prices are predicted to end the year 6% higher. This is double the figure previously estimated.

London in particular is affected, with the population expected to exceed 9 million by 2020. Unsurprisingly most people choose to rent in the capital. Buying has become extortionate and almost impossible for some people.  If you’re a landlord, however, a wide choice of tenants is guaranteed: renting in London has never been more competitive.

Eltham remains a popular place to rent houses. This area of South East London is cheaper than other locations but has a bright future ahead. Popular with parents, it has an excellent choice of state schools. It also has plenty of green space, unlike other parts of London.

Improvements are being made in the town centre, with the streetscapes being renovated. A cinema complex is due to open in 2017. New homes are also being planned.

For houses to rent in this area, contact Daniels Property Services. Our team have extensive experience with both tenants and landlords.

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